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Weekly Menus

One of the best habits I learned to do during my weight loss journey is meal planning. Each Sunday I plan out a new menu for the week. I’ve had lots of requests for my menus. So each Sunday I’ll post the upcoming week’s menu at my house. Below are a few to hold you over until then!

*I have to fix my menu template saying “low carb high fat” — just a typo, please ignore that line. I’ll get to it….

Each menu includes the:

  • Net carb count for each meal;
  • Some measurements for veggies and protein (protein is always between 4-6 ounces for me);
  • Total daily net carbs;
  • Since 2016 my menus include fasting days. Most days I do intermittent fasting (16-18 hours).

I’m no longer including Weight Watcher point values.


2017 Menus

2016 Menus

2015 Menus

*Corrected error indicating the menus were Low Fat, High Carb. The menus are Low Carb, High Fat.

2015 Lent Menus

Menu Consistency
You’ll also notice that my meals are that not exciting and very repetitive.

Yep, when it comes to weight loss, food variety isn’t the spice of life. Consistency helps you lose weight. Think about it. If you take the guess-work out of what you’re making for breakfast, you’ll get out the door quicker and not be tempted to grab something on the way to the job. I speak from experience as I packed on the pounds eating those little egg sandwiches from Micky D’s.

2014 Menus




12 thoughts on “Weekly Menus

  1. Louann Rose on said:

    You are such an inspiration…My starting weight was 288 and I now weigh 254 all because of low carbs..I ran across your channel while looking for low carb recipes…Thank you for all you do…

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  3. Good day, I recently came across you weekly menu and found it so simple to follow. I want to start right away. I do have a question though. Some of your days are so easy to follow. . But when you do something like veggie stew days. Do you have recipes I can follow. Where do you find the healthiest ones?

    • Hi Amber,

      Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I’ve been busy helping my mother move into her new digs. For some recipes, I do a couple of things.

      1. I play in the kitchen. So something like a veggie soup, I’ll come up with a list of low carb veggies that I’ll dice up. Make some bone broth, toss it in a pot and add seasonings. Or I might have an old recipe and I work on converting it to a high fat/low carb meal. I use My Fitness Pal to track quantities, how much it makes, size of serving, foods and seasonings I use (specific to brand names). That’s how I track my carbs/protein/fat numbers.

      2. There are lots of great low carb/paleo sites out there with fun recipes that are healthy and tasty. Here are a few of my favorites:

      All Day I Dream About Food (
      I Breath I’m Hungry (
      Nom Nom Paleo (
      Wicked Stuffed Keto Blog (
      Peace Love and Low Carb (
      The Low Carb Diet (

      I usually post recipes or links to recipes. Clearly I missed that one 🙂

      Let me know if you have any other questions. Cheers!

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  9. I am liking your menus because of the simplicity. I have a question about your shakes. What protein powder do you use and how is the shake made. I am confused about the protein powders. Also do you follow macros? I am having difficulty with this and was wondering if it is necessary. I see also from your site, when you are well you exercise alot. Do you worry about calories? Last question. What do you think about the bullet proof coffee and fat bombs. Do you think the high fat is good or bad. I do not see either in your menus so I am assuming this is something you do not do but would like your input. Thanks

    • For my shakes, I use ISOPure (dutch chocolate or cookies & creme). Depending on the flavor it’s either 0 or 1 net carbs. I use them before or after an intense muscle workout primarily. If I want a lite lunch, I might do the shake with 1/4 C strawberries. Still keeps it a low carb meal.

      I do keep track of my net carb count (eating 20g of carbs/day — all from veggies). Net carbs are total carbs minus fiber and sugar alcohols. Sometimes I up my daily carb count to ensure my body doesn’t adjust to what I’m doing. I never go above 75g on those days. But I also do heavy muscle workouts on those days and eat those extra carbs right after that workout (think eating a small baked sweet potato with some protein).

      My caloric intake is broken down like this: 65% fats; 30% Protein; 5% carbs. I don’t track my fats or protein by the grams. I use the MyFitnessPal app and that gives me a general idea of the breakdown between fats/protein/carbs when I log my food. I ONLY count carbs. I don’t track calories anymore, but MyFitnessPal does show how much you consume and how much you gain via exercise. I don’t pay much attention to it.

      As for fat bombs [I’m talking a Fat Fast here, not the fat bomb treats all over the web], I just started researching those. I’ve never done one. But from what I can tell so far it seems extreme and mainly for people who can’t lose any weight regardless of their chosen diet. It’s not for people who lost weight but are in a plateau. I think the calorie restriction (1,000/day) is insane. There’s no way I could do my workout routine for the 3-5 days of the fat bomb. Just not enough fuel for my body. It seems like people do lose weight but once they go back to normal (healthy) eating, a chuck is gained back. I know people love them, but I’m not convinced yet. Like I said I’m still researching it so I could change my mind.

      I find that most plateaus end by making slight changes — tracking your food more closely, changing workout routine, adjusting your fat/protain/carb ratio.

      UPDATE: I made an error when writing about fat bombs. I was researching fat fasts and that’s what I’m talking about in my comment. As for fat bombs, I haven’t tried them yet, but am looking up recipes for some breakfast shakes and snacks to add into my menus or for those days where I do struggle to get to my 65% fat/day.
      Hopes this helps.

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