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When I began this journey in 2012, I set some short and long-term weight loss goals in my march to lose 190 lbs. As of November 8, 2014, I’ve lost more than 35% of my body weight. I’ve updated my goals to include overall fitness, beauty and wellness.

Current Weight Loss: 133 lbs (Feb. 28 , 2014)

Weight Loss Goals
Starting Weight: 325 lbs. Current Weight: 192 lbs.
Lose 5% of body weightAchieved July 5, 2012
Lose 10% of body weightAchieved Sept. 27, 2012
Lose 15% of body weightAchieved Feb. 2, 2013
Lose 20% of body weightAchieved Apr. 6, 2013
Lose 25% of body weightAchieved Nov. 2, 2013
Lose 30% of body weightAchieved Feb. 1, 2014
Lose 35% of body weightAchieved Aug. 9, 2014
Lose 40% of body weightAchieved Dec. 22, 2014
Lose 45% of body weight
Lose 50% of body weight
Lose 55% of body weight
Goal Weight

Fitness Goals

  • Run a whole 5K in 2014
  • Lower my body fat by an extra 10% by year’s end
  • Get Stronger by end of year:
    • Bench Press 50 lbs.
    • Leg Press 140 lbs.
    • Unmodified Push Ups – 25
    • Unmodified Plank – 2 minutes
  • Complete the 30-Day Push Up Challenge by year’s end
  • Training for late 2015/early 2016 Spartan Sprint

Everyday Beauty Goals

  • Except when working out, leave the house wearing lipstick to prevent chapped lips
  • Improve my skin’s health and appearance
  • Once a month set aside time to experiment/play/try different looks
  • Wear more color — time to add in bold colors
  • Shed the workout clothes and start dressing more girlie — wear more dresses, skirts (first buy a skirt!) and blouses

Wellness Goals

  • Stop taking blood pressure medsAchieved March 27, 2014
  • Get enough sleep – Work in progress
  • Consistently take vitamins and supplements
  • Start crossing off items on my Healthy Bucket List
  • Unplug more often — don’t pick up smart phone or tablet after 9:00 pm
  • Continue exercising and eating right – Work in progress

9 thoughts on “Goals

  1. Amy Fackrell on said:

    This is a really awesome list along with your healthy bucket list. Thanks for sharing and giving me ideas.

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  7. We are happy for you and your results. We wish to continue like this and achieve your goals!

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