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Day 6 Of My 7 Day Fasting Challenge

Hey folks, the day is done and darkness falls from the chicken wings of night. No, didn’t have any wings — I’m fasting. But when I do, it shall be glorious. And with that: today’s video!


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One thought on “Day 6 Of My 7 Day Fasting Challenge

  1. Wow Dot, I just came accross your video on Youtube and I found it really inspiring. I weigh somewhere between 307 and 325 pounds. I’ve been afraid to check it for awhile, but I’m hoping, based on my clothes, that it’s closer to 307. Anyway, I’m very into low carb foods and I’ve just discovered a flaxmeal bread that I think is going to help me quite a bit. I started out at 125 pounds when I was 13 or so and keep gaining from there, mostly after low fat diets. I may add fasting a little later, at least for part of the day. I look forward to seeing more of your videos and reading your blog. Thanks, RC

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