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10 Reasons I’ve Lost 140 Pounds And Kept It Off

Conventional dieting wisdom - eat less, exercise more - is wrong. For me, cutting sugar, carbs and starches resulted in more than 140 lbs. gone.

Conventional dieting wisdom – eat less, exercise more – is wrong. For me, cutting sugar, carbs and starches resulted in more than 140 lbs. gone. Image courtesy of and Stuart Miles.

Today’s dieting advice – eat less, exercise more – doesn’t work. A new study shows that few overweight people lose 5% of their body weight. And those who are successful put the weight back on within 5 years. Money quote from the study:

“Current strategies that focus on cutting calories and boosting physical activity aren’t working for most patients to achieve weight loss and maintain that.”

I’d tried for more than 25 years to lose weight. I tried all the different programs, most of which are the same: some form of calorie reduction and exercise. While I initially lost weight, I always felt hungry. I just couldn’t sustain those diets, and eventually I gained even more weight back.

So what’s so different this time?

1. My health became THE priority (I had to become a priority in my own life).
2. I read Why We Get Fat by Gary Taubes (life-changing).
3. I said good-bye to processed, high carb foods (and sugar) and embraced low carb, high fat real foods.
4. Took the time to build good habits, like:

5. Eat only when I’m hungry and stop when I’m full (not stuffed).
6. Gave up perfection for patience.
7. Get 8 hours of sleep.
8. Avoid fruit, except for berries (and only as a treat).
9. A sense of urgency (my health was at serious risk!).
10. I’m not depriving myself. I’m making smarter, tastier choices!


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9 thoughts on “10 Reasons I’ve Lost 140 Pounds And Kept It Off

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  2. This is a good list to lose weight and get healthy too.

    I also like reading Gary Taubes, as well as Tom Naughton, Dr. Michael Eades, and a few others.

    Keep up the good work!

  3. Until we love ourselves enough to truly care for our bodies we will not be ready to make eating right a lifestyle change. So thrilled to hear you got this right! 😉

    • Thanks! You are so awesomely encouraging and I really appreciate it. I completely agree about caring for ourselves. I wasn’t unhappy because I was fat. I got fat because I was unhappy (which made eating the wrong foods very easy). There are some people who get happy by losing those 5-10 lbs. They’ve wanted to lose for a while. But in my situation, where I was looking at 150-180 lbs. to lose, I had other underlying issues I needed to content with before I could get my WOE right.

  4. Wow…thank you so much. I really try not to do the “diet” thing anymore. It just doesn’t work. To me it really is a way of life/way of eating for the rest of my life. Congrats on the 16 lbs. That’s amazing! I have no doubt you feel better and have more energy. Oh, and shoot me a blog link. I’d love to follow your adventure!

  5. Your blog is such an inspiration. I’ve read so many “dieting” blogs over the years, but have never found a single one with tips that actually work for me. In May I was tired of being tired, fat and craving food all the time. I started reading about the low carb, high fat way and your blog popped up. By following this way of eating (loosely), I’ve already lost 16 pounds. I feel great, have more energy, my skin doesn’t itch all the time. Thanks and I will be linking to this post from my blog in the near future.

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