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Looking For The Ketosis Sweet Spot

Yummy! Ordered my first batch of lard and beef tallow. Next month, I hope to actually try rendering unprocessed lard and tallow from local farmers.

Yummy! Ordered my first batch of lard and beef tallow. Next month, I hope to actually try rendering unprocessed lard and tallow from local farmers. Getting into ketosis will be tasty fun.

I’m in the final push of reaching my goal weight and I’ve determined how I’m eating now will not get me to goal. I need to recalibrate how many fats, proteins and carbs I’m eating. Time to kick myself back into optimal ketosis.

I found a nifty little keto calculator that helps you decide your best food intake levels for weight loss with a ketogenic way of eating (WOE).

Lately my micronutrient breakdown averages to: 62% fat, 28% protein, 10% carbs.  I’m planning to make a slight cut in both my protein and carbs to become a fat burning machine.

Why cut back on protein? Protein changes into glucose if you eat too much of it. That jacks up your blood insulin level, thus putting the brakes on my body’s ability to release and burn fat.

As for my carb level, it’s not so much cutting my carbs as going back to my weight loss sweet spot — 20g of net carbs/day. Over the last month or so I’m eating closer to 40-50g of net carbs a day with the spike of 100-125g net carbs once or twice a week. Turns out, that’s the formula for me to maintain my weight loss. Since I want to lose about 20-25 more pounds before I go into maintenance, I’m back to eating 20g of net carbs/day.

I’m shooting for an average daily breakdown of 75% fat, 20% protein and 5% carbs.

The real challenge for me is upping my fat intake. So I’ve ordered Dana Carpender’s 200 Low-Carb, High-Fat Recipes to get me started.

I’m stocking my pantry with a few go to items – ghee, coconut oil, leaf and fat lard, and beef tallow. Yep, I’m cooking it old school!

Currently I’m on a hunt for a local farm with grass-fed pigs and cows for unprocessed lard and tallow (I want to render the fat myself). But for now I ordered some from Amazon.

I plan to kick off my new, higher-fat WOE on Sunday. For the next few days I’m spending quality time putting together up to 6 new weekly menus. I’m also on the hunt for a good ketosis meter. I’ve tried the cheap urine ketosis strips before and they just don’t work for me.



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