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Cheesecake Fat Bombs!

I’ve looked for ways to add more fat to my diet (I eat low carb/high fat) and have wanted to try a “fat bomb” for a while. This recipe from Fit To Serve looks simple to make and I have all the ingredients at home. This weekend I plan to make 2 batches — one as is and the 2nd using either maple, lemon or peppermint extract. Yum.

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If you are eating a Low Carb/ LCHF eating plan you probably already understand that your main source of energy should come from fat. A true Ketogenic diet is as high as 70% Fat 20% Protein and 10% Carbs. But, let’s face it adding high fat snacks can prove to be a little tricky. This is where“fat bombs” come to save the day. These tasty morsels come to your rescue when you just need a little something to tie you over. Fat bombs may be the easiest way to make sure you are in ketosis. When your body burns fat instead of glucose. you are ketosis. Having enough fat can help speed up your weight loss. By the same token ,if you don’t have enough fat to fuel your metabolism you can experience a weight stall.

I make and keep mine in the freezer, for when I need a little extra energy…

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2 thoughts on “Cheesecake Fat Bombs!

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  2. Thank you so much for reblogging. I love these and best of all it helps with weight stalls. Enjoy!

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