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Transitioning From Summer To Fall Workouts

With changing of the leaves, now is the time to plan my switch from Summer to Fall workout routines.

With changing of the leaves, now is the time to plan my switch from summer to fall workout routines.

Fall weather is officially here and that means I need to change my workout routine. For northern Virginia, fall means windy and wet so that means more indoor activities.

I’ve put a halt to my walks and 5K training temporarily. My knee was the size of a grapefruit this past weekend and I’m feeling pain going up and down the stairs. So while I’m giving it a rest, I can plan my new routine.

My spin classes stay on my workout rotation. Not only do I sweat my butt off every time, spinning is perfect for improving my cardio. I’m convinced that cycling is one of the main reasons I’m close to running 2 full miles. Plus it’s a low impact workout that doesn’t make my knee scream. Nice!

I'm adding more yoga into my schedule. Perfect for building strength, balance and flexibility. Image courtesy of artzsamui and

I’m adding more yoga into my schedule. Perfect for building strength, balance and flexibility. Image courtesy of artzsamui and

Stretching, Lifting & Swimming
Since my ankle and knee injures keep bubbling back up, it’s time I start focusing on workouts that can actually help with healing (or at least don’t cause any pain).

I always feel great after my yoga class. But for some bizarre reason I’m only attending one class each week. I’ve decided to up that to 3 regular classes. God knows I certainly need more flexibility and balance. This should do the trick. Plus the classes are free with my gym membership. Bonus!

This month I’m renewing with my trainer. Initially I thought that I could just do the weight training on my own. The truth is I don’t push myself as hard as my trainer does. Plus we’re going to start moving into bodybuilding and I can use all the help I can get.

My trainer and I work twice a week. But to get the most out of the weight training, I need to add a third day. Problem is, I can’t afford my trainer three times a week. Thankfully my gym offers a bar bell class, Body Pump, Friday’s after yoga. I’m planning on checking it out this week to see if it’s for me. I’ll need to limit any leg work (no squats, lunges or jumping), but that just means more time focused on the flabby surrounding my core and arms.

Tomorrow I’m checking to see if my gym membership offers access to its two sister gyms. Why? Both have pools and aqua classes. With my bum knee, swimming is the best low impact workout for me. The classes seem pretty straight forward, although I must say, I’m curious about aqua zumba. I’ve wanted to take a regular zumba class, but with my knee and ankle, I wisely passed. But zumba in a pool? Sign me up!

Need To Be Outside
I love being outside. When I was 325 pounds, I came up with lots of excuses for staying indoors. It was either too hot and humid in the summer or cold and wet in the winter. Well losing the weight took care of the hot and humid excuse. Now it’s time to combat wet and cold. And that means proper gear.

I still want to do my daily walks. Heck, I was up to 6-miles a day before my knee conked out on me. Once I’m healed, I don’t want a little weather to stop me from enjoying the outdoors. Also, I know not walking all winter makes it harder for me to get off my butt and walk come next spring.

I don’t want to lose my momentum.

Combating the weather means getting the right gear. Fitness Magazine listed its top winter workout gear. That’s a good place for me to start.

How are you transitioning your workout routine from summer to fall?


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