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My Legs Are Killing Me…But I Want To Go Back For More

My legs are killing me, yet I keep going back for more. Image courtesy of duron123 and

My legs are killing me, yet I keep going back for more. Image courtesy of duron123 and

Well for the 2nd straight week my glutes, quads and hamstring are killing me. I went a little crazy in my Tuesday spin class and decided to really challenge myself. I upped my resistance level between 10-17. Normally I keep it between 6-12. Yikes!

Sure I got a great workout, but I’m paying the price. Walking isn’t fun. Standing is painfully slow. And don’t get me started on trying to sit down.

I followed up Tuesday’s spin class with a killer lower body workout on Wednesday. I explained to my trainer I was sore. She showed no mercy on me.

Yesterday I planned to take it easy in my cycling class – moderate resistance and speed. That didn’t happen. The class focused on strength building. That means high resistance. Again, I found myself at that 10-17 level. The first 5 minutes of class were excruciating. But my legs warmed up and felt great…until I hit the wall about 25 minutes later. My legs turned to jello. I stood for the rest of the class, using my body weight to help with the pedaling. Finishing class was a struggle. On the bright side, I burned 700 calories. Sure I couldn’t walk, but I burned half of my daily calories. Ugh!

So here it is Friday, and I can’t wait to hit my yoga class for some maximum stretching. Yet, as I spy my gym’s class schedule, I notice the spin class about an hour before yoga. Hmmmm….

What the heck is wrong with me?


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