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Fasting Fest This Weekend

frozen custard

This is what freaking out over your first radiation treatment leads to!

I planned to do a 5-day fast this week but chickened out at the last minute. Tuesday was my first radiation treatment and I was a bit too freaked out to try fasting. So I opted for some frozen custard instead.

Peanut Butter Brownie & Chocolate, to be specific.

A glorious LARGE one, to be even more specific.

Yes, I needed comfort food (told you I freaked out). No shame in that.

Thankfully, the freak out was for naught. The painless treatment lasted a total of 5 minutes. As for side effects, the only thing I experienced was some major fatigue. I did some serious napping for two days. Of course, I’m assuming it was the radiation. It could have been a carb coma from the big ass frozen custard. Read more…

The Maverick Blended Burger

Love this idea! It’s the ultimate mushroom burger.


SONY DSCA couple of months ago I had the honor of attending the launch of the James Beard Foundations Blended Burger Projecthere in Minneapolis. The blended burger initiative aims to influence chefs to incorporate mushrooms into burger recipes, both for sustainability and health benefits. Makes perfect sense to me. And the coolest part is that this movement is being welcomed and respected to no end. From elite restaurants to classic burger joints these blends are showing up on menus all around the world. And get this, schools throughout the country have incorporated blended burgers into their menus. Can you imagine? It’s time for change, friends, and I suppose we could start one household at a time.

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Be Happy, It’s Saturday!


I woke up actually feeling like Espresso Owl. Why? I finally had my first awesome night’s sleep in about a week.

I feel like a weight’s been lifted. My doctor gave me the all clear to start working out again.  My healing is moving along nicely. I just have a few sutures that haven’t dissolved yet.

While I still need to take it easy, I can resume my training for a 10k and start lifting weights. Heck I’m even allowed to go swimming or take a bath.

I haven’t done anything for 7 weeks. Ugh! I’m so happy I’ve made a habit out of being active. I just can’t sit still anymore. It won’t be difficult to get back into the swing of things. The hard part will be the slow and gentle pace. My inclination is to go as hard or fast as possible. Not too bright. Last thing I want is an injury or screwing up my still healing abdominal area. I must be the turtle, not the hare.

But this weekend I’m focused on food prep, making meals for the week and a special project with the husband (minds out of the gutter!).  I’m spending part of this beautiful morning gearing up to run the gauntlet that is Saturday grocery shopping. May my Espresso Owl energy stay with me.

Which morning owl are you?

Chimichurri Rib-Eye & Zoodle Salad

steak & zoodle salad

What initially started off as a boring steak and zucchini dish turned into an awesome salad thanks to some heirloom tomatoes and chimichurri sauce.

When putting together my weekly menu, I originally planned a Wednesday lunch of grilled rib-eye steak with 1/2 a large zuchinni. Wow, there’s excitement for you. Then it dawned on me to make zoodles with the squash and add some Argentine chimichurri sauce. That sounded tastier. Toss in some slices of heirloom tomatoes and now you’ve got an awesome salad.

Chimichurri sauce, if you haven’t experienced it, is just wonderful. Garlicky and tart, the bright green color really pops. It can double as a marinade or sauce that you can use for chicken, pork or vegetables. But I absolutely love it with steak.

Typically it’s made from fresh parsley and oregano, garlic, vegetable oil and white vinegar. For mine I used what I had available: flat-leaf parsley and cilantro.  Read more…

Preventing Pelvic Collapse By Building Muscle

Pelvic floor muscle

With my hysterectomy, I have too much room down there and organs can start shifting, causing major problems. Good news there is an exercise to prevent that from happening.

While waiting for my doctor to give me the OK for becoming more active, I’m doing a lot of research on any changes to my workout and diet routines following a hysterectomy. I’m officially in menopause now. That means muscle and bone loss are two key challenges heading into my golden years.

Well lo and behold I’ve discovered that I’m at risk for a Pelvic Organ Prolapse. Read more…

Keto Friendly Egg Salad

egg salad

Nothing like a keto friendly meal to break a fast. Egg salad, butterhead leaves and glorious bacon. Yum.

Last night I whipped up the Aktins’ egg salad recipe. It was the perfect way to break my fast this morning (30 minutes after a few olives). Now I’ve never been a fan of egg salad. Growing up most of the time my dad just got some from the store. It always smelled overwhelmingly eggy to me. But then again as a kid I was a very picky eater.

Thankfully I’m done with being “too picky.” Although I think my hubby might not quite agree with me on this point.

Anyway, the recipe is very simple and delicious. My favorite part is the celery. That might seem strange as I unconditionally love eggs. But the celery adds a great crunch and texture.

I added 3 large Boston butterhead leaves and thick bacon for a grand total of 3g carbohydrates.

Egg Salad on Boston Butterhead Leaves with Bacon
Macronutrient Breakdown – 77% fat, 20% protein, 3% carbs

  • 1/2 C Atkins’ Egg Salad – 2.1g total carbs (0.3g fiber)
  • 3 Large Boston Butterhead Leaves – 0.9 total carbs (0.6g fiber)
  • 3 Slices Thick Center Cut Bacon – 0 total carbs

10 Tips For A Successful Fast

water 1

Staying hydrated helps me stay on track during a fast. Cucumber-mint water is one of my go too drinks when fasting. Yummmm!

This morning I’m in hour 40 of my 48-hour fast and I feel great. My energy level is high and I’m managing the hunger pains easily. It’s a far cry from my very first attempt at fasting (I broke the fast within 4 hours).

Since I incorporated fasting into my way of eating there are a few things I’ve learned to be successful when choosing to go without food. Read more…

Recovering From This Weekend’s Carbopalooza

tape measure fork

Six weeks since my surgery and I’m officially getting back into the healthy eating business. Image courtesy of and Mister GC.

This weekend the hubby and I visited some friends at a cabin in West Virginia. We haven’t seen them since my diagnosis and they thought it would be a great chance for me to rest, relax and heal. Before going I made the decision early to not sweat the food choices and it was a good decision.

The food was home cooked and tasted great. I ate low carb when I could but I didn’t beat myself up if I strayed. I mean, when a cute 12-year-old offers you (a fellow baker) a brownie she made herself, it’s hard to refuse.

Now that I’m back at home I decided to start the week with a two-day fast. What better way to kick this weekend’s carb monkey off my back and jump into ketosis?

Following the fast I’m doing a pretty simple ketogenic food plan that’s high fat, moderate protein and very low carb. This is a real test as I’m significantly lowering my carbs and limiting my protein and dairy. I’m still eating 20g of carbs daily, but I’m counting total carbs rather than net carbs.

Oh and of course no alcohol or coffee either.

You can check out my menu for this week. I’m still tweaking it…why not as I have 2 whole days to finalize it. I’m not thrilled with the total carb count for Friday’s lunch, but hey I really do want to work in an awesome ketogenic BLT! Maybe Friday night’s dinner becomes fat and protein only.

That might work.


Changing Up The Diet

fat bomb 2

Fat bombs are back on my menu as I look for ways to increase healthy fats into my diet.

Since I now have a target weight and start radiation treatments in the next 30 days, and feel it’s time to do some tweaking to my diet. I’m still eating LCHF, but I’ve decided that once my body is in ketosis, I need to consistently stay there for a while. So basically I’m moving to a ketogenic diet.

Embracing Keto!
We’re still in the early stages of studying the impact of ketogenic diets on cancer, but the results are very encouraging. Eating a diet that’s high in fat, a bit restricted in protein, and very low in carbs switches the body from running on glucose to ketones. Cancer thrives on glucose, but it can’t live on ketones. In fact, some studies have shown it to shrink tumors.

Of course, those studies were done on mice or terminally ill cancer patients using a ketogenic diet that’s around 90% fat, 7% protein and 3% carbs. I’m not doing that. I’m shooting for 75% fat, 22% protein, 3% carbs. Considering my diet is now 65%-70% fat, it seems doable.

Ketones, Insulin and Calories…Oh My!
I’m making a few tweaks in my diet. But changes are also coming to what I track. Read more…

Finding My Ideal Body Weight

tape measure fork

Rather than randomly setting a goal weight, I’ve decided to use some science to find my ideal body weight. Image courtesy of and Mister GC.

When I tried losing weight before I always picked a random number and tried shooting for it. Of course that never worked. First of all I was too focused the number on the scale, not health. Second, I didn’t consider if I was losing only fat. The last thing you want to do is lose muscle.

In my efforts to kick cancer’s ass and regain my metabolic health, I’m recalibrating my diet. To do that I’m starting to focus on maximum fitness and a reference weight, (AKA, my ideal body weight).

BMI vs. Reference Weight
Thankfully the Body Mass Index (BMI) is being exposed for the bad science that it is when it comes to defining healthy weight.

BMI is the preferred method of the US government to determine those obesity numbers the news media loves to report. All BMI does is measure the relationship between your height and weight. But nothing relating to muscle mass, bone or body fat.

It’s not a very good measure of health and fitness to say the least. Read more…

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