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LCHF Quiche With Spinach, Sundried Tomatoes & Goat Cheese

A little project the hubby and I have been working on is now ready. No, not the quiche. Here’s a video we made of how I make my quiche.  Hope you enjoy the video as well as the dish. The goal is to post 2 videos a week on my new YouTube channel.

Oh, and since I’m doing the Whole 30 (more on that later) this month, don’t fear. The video was shot in August.  So no goat cheese for me in September (how sad).

Is The Gym Really Necessary?

dot weight lifting

Me in Oct. 2013 when I first started working with a trainer. I’m lighter now but no where near as strong as I want to be. But do you really need a gym to build strength? Heck no!

Lately I’ve debated about rejoining a gym. I’m running every other day, but I need to do some weight lifting. So a part of me thinks, “I need to be at a gym.” It could be just that time of the year. Maybe there is something in our DNA that screams “Join A Gym!” the closer we get to January 1.

Anyway, my husband and I started going to our local rec center for strength training twice a week. At least our plan was twice a week. But it really is a big effort to leave our house, drive a couple of miles, pay $16 bucks and lift weights for 20 minutes.

I’d put our success rate of actually getting to the gym at 50%. Read more…

Getting Into Ketosis By Year’s End?


What’s your plan? It’s holiday season. Which means lots of celebrations, food and weight gain.

I mentioned to husband yesterday that I didn’t want to hand out any tasty Halloween candy this year. He laughed and said “Oh, yes we are. Leave it to me I’ll pick out the good stuff.”

How can I even suggest such a thing? I’m not in favor in handing out terrible tasting treats that no kid enjoys — I’m thinking of you candy corn! No, I just don’t want any candy that would tempt me. Snickers does nothing for me. Neither does Twix, Three Musketeers or Butterfingers. But we always get the stuff I like and I don’t want that temptation this year.

It’s part of my effort to navigate the upcoming holidays, where the one sure thing is weight gain. Read more…

Fox In The Hen House! Surviving Our Cookout


We’re having friends over today for a cookout. For the first time in more than 4 years, I’m allowing these types of foods in my house. Ugh!

Today we’re having a cookout with some new friends who don’t eat low carb diet. What’s a girl who eats LCHF to do?

I’m not the type of person to force my LCHF ways on people. That’s just rude. I’m inviting people into my home. It’s my job to make them feel welcomed. Yes I’ve had a hard time getting back on track since surgery and treatment.  But all I need is a little planning to keep my guests happy and allows me to avoid any temptation.

Avoiding That Fox In The Hen House
The key for success when hosting non-LCHF friends is simplicity. Foods that my guests and I can eat without feeling deprived. Tonight we’re making burgers and dogs, an easy meal for me to stay LCHF. They eat buns. I prefer wrapping my burger in lettuce. We all come out happy. Score!

Read more…

Review: From Fat To Finish Line


Finally saw From Fat To Finish Line and I loved it. Whether if you are a runner or not, this moving will inspire you.

Last night the hubby and I settled in the watch a film I’ve been waiting to see for nearly a year – From Fat to Finish Line. The documentary tells the story of 12 people who’ve collectively lost 1,200 pounds and team up to run a 200-mile relay race from Miami to Key West. You learn of their weight loss highs, lows and how running gave them focus.

The film shines the spotlight on each runner telling about struggling with weight loss. All experienced the doubts from family, friends and themselves. I could relate to everyone on the team. Their struggles and successes were exactly like mine.

Many on the team started running as a way to shed pounds. But what clearly shows is the shear joy many on the team feel from doing what humans are physically designed to do – run.

Running also became their compass: a way to keep moving forward to their true north, no matter what life tossed their way. As the Rick, the team captain says, when asked how he felt after running his first mile: “I feel like I can do anything.”

That’s what this film does best. Even if running isn’t your thing, this movie will inspire you to keep moving forward.

It really is a wonderful film and I suggest you bump it to the top of you Netflix queue.

Fat V Carbs: They Still Don’t Get It

Sometimes you really can’t see the forest for the trees.

The most surprising thing in this video for me isn’t that a low carb, high fat diet works when it comes to improving your health. It’s the number of medical professionals who still don’t have a clue.

I believe most of today’s ills (chronic health problems and skyrocketing health care costs) are caused by the rise of carb-driven fake food over the last 40+ years. The medical community better wake up. Thanks to the Internet, we’re reaching the tipping point where the majority of people will find this information on their own. If that happens, GPs, nutritionist and dieticians just may find themselves obsolete.


My Recipe Project

steak & zoodle salad

I’ve started organizing all my recipes so healthy and tasty dishes like this don’t go the way of the Dodo!

I’ve spent months researching a good recipe manager. Nothing seems to meet my needs. Am I that picky or are these programs designed by people who don’t cook healthy foods? It seems like a little of both. Besides having a consolidated location for all my recipes, I really want one that can do the nutrition calculations. I thought I found it with MacGourmet. Nope!

The program isn’t intuitive, the nutrition calculator is horrible (the big selling point for me), and  frankly it wastes my time fighting serving size selection and missing ingredients — it really has no clue that something called sea salt is real. As an added bonus, I’m stuck with hundreds (if not thousands) of non-LCHF recipes unless I want to manually delete each one. Grrrr! Read more…

Weekly Weigh-In: My Pity Party Is Over!


My 3 month sabbatical from stepping on the scale is over. Thanks to a lot of self-pity and too many sugary desserts, I’m up 10 pounds. Time to kick my LCHF way of eating into high gear.

Sometime during the last few months I made the decision to cut myself some slack and not worry about stepping on the scale. Since I was dealing with my cancer diagnosis, giving up on the idea of getting pregnant, surgery, radiation treatment and recovery, the last thing I needed to focus on was stepping on the scale every week.

Of course that meant I probably wasn’t as diligent with my diet as I should have been. Oh, sure, I always cooked low carb, high fat foods. But we ate out a lot and I wasn’t my diligent self. And more often than not I’d order desserts — something I never do.

I fell into the old habit of rewarding myself with food.

But I wasn’t really rewarding myself. I was feeling sorry for my lot in life. I justified those tasty sweets with the idea that it was “OK to live a little … I have cancer, after all.”


I really felt the wrath of my bad eating decisions. And I don’t mean the 10 pounds I put on. Read more…

Fall’s Here: Time For A Facial Routine

How do I know fall is here? Right on cue there’s a chill to the evening air, the leaves are turning color and my skin is drying out. Once the weather turns cooler my hands and legs become itchy and flaky. There was never enough lotion in the world to stop the itching. Of course I’d always start applying lotion consistently when the painful cracks appeared.

Thankfully my fear of loose skin kicked my daily care routine into high gear. I’m much more proactive, applying lotion daily and staying hydrated (water really is the key to great skin!). Unfortunately I was so focused on all the areas with loose skin (my body) that my facial routine went out the window.

So it shouldn’t be that big of a shock when I woke up this morning with a dry, flaky nose and forehead. Ugh! Read more…

Yummy Lemon Blueberry Scones

For those of you who love scones in the morning, here’s my Lemon-Blueberry Scone video. Yummy + healthy = awesomeness!

If you want to even more flavor greatness, I’ve also attached the Lemon Buttercream Cheese frosting video.

Not a fan of lemon? Then just use a different flavored extract. The frosting is perfect for pastries, cakes and cupcakes (like red velvet, my fav!) too.

Reclaiming My Active Life

crossing finish line 2015

A heavier me in 2014 crossing the finish line of my last 5k race. Time to start running again.

While I got the all clear from my oncologist to start working out a few weeks ago, I’ve really been slow to start and I think that’s a good thing. Between the surgery and radiation treatments, fatigue kicked my butt for a while. But now my energy level is off the charts and it’s time to start easing my way back into my active lifestyle.

Starting Strength Training
Last week I worked out with the free weights at the local gym. Since I’m still healing from the surgery, I’m trying to avoid pulling or tearing anything around my abs. I’m lifting lighter weights and limiting myself to two 30-minute sessions a week.

Weight lifting is even more important now since my hysterectomy. Weight lifting is a great way to reduce muscle loss and ward off osteoporosis.

The nice thing is my husband is training with me – it’s always good to have a spotter!

Of course this means I’m looking for an awesome strength training app. Why use pen and paper when an app will do?

Shooting For Disney Races
Maybe 2017 is the year I can cross the runDisney 5k and 10k races off my healthy bucket list.

After a lot of starts and stops, I’m finally committed to achieving my running goals. This morning I ran for the first time in months. It was glorious. I’m starting with basics – interval training. I’m following the Runner’s World beginner program over the next 10 weeks. I didn’t do too bad today, only feeling a little winded during my last interval.

Obviously I’m not looking to set the land speed record. With 3 runs a week, I’m more turtle than hare right now.

Depending on how the training goes, I might be able to try a untimed 10k before the end of the year. At the very least I can do some of the upcoming holiday 5k races as I build up my strength and endurance.


We moved our bikes from the shed to the living room this summer as encouragement to hit the trail. Thankfully I now have the all clear from my doctor to ride.

Just For Fun
The husband and I are also planning some fun biking outings too. This summer we moved the bikes out of the shed and into our living room because we were going out nearly everyday before my surgery. While I’m limiting myself to just weekend cycling (don’t want to over do it), we hope we can put some miles on these puppies before the weather turns.

With the cycling it’s solely for fun and sight-seeing. I’d love for us to hit the Mount Vernon bike path, but I think I’ve got to get my sea legs back before trying that one.

I’m sure the above sounds like a lot, but each activities add up to 30 minutes a day. For someone who worked out 2-3 hours a day (yes, a day), that’s taking it easy.

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